Week 28

Hi I’m Nadia and I’m going to tell you a story about a boy named Yomi. Yomi is a boy who lived in a town that had a lot of earthquakes but he really had no problems. It is the present day and there was a big earthquake a lot of problems were happening. Yomi was not used to this he usually just sat at the couch but  he ran outside and then the building shook and then…”CRASH”….. no one ever saw or heard from Yomi again. “One year later”. ” Beep beep beep” “gasp…. where am I” Yomi said.

One thought on “Week 28

  1. Kia ora Nadia. I really enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. It is an interesting story, and you’ve left the reader wondering what happened. There could be a number of possible scenarios in my mind. For example, did Yomi wake up in hospital (in a different city) after being in a coma for a year?
    Keep up the super writing Nadia!

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