Week 16

The year is 2021 COVID is still here from 2020. A boy named Tommy was having fun with his friends. Then, a conversation sparked. Tommy’s friends talked about COVID and how it was so bad  this year. Tommy said it’s not like last year, he thought it was even worse. “ I mean people are just so emotional, exhausted, and some even mean.” Tommy said. His friends agreed with him and said “that is so true” and they just wish that the whole thing was just some stupid dream and that it didn’t even exist in life. They decided to just stay positive!

2 thoughts on “Week 16

  1. Dear Nadia,
    Hi! I really liked your writing. I love how it reflected on 2020 and it sounded a lot like someone’s actual thoughts on that year! I also loved how you stated that the character was going to stay positive which is a great look on things. My story was actually similar to yours, you should come read it and tell me what you think of it at https://kierale2027.edublogs.org/
    Kiera Champlin

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