Week 30

Hi I’m Nadia. I’m with my friends right know at the moment but I’ll still talk to you. Oh let me tell you my friends name’s they are Aly and Rhys. We were walking around town, then I tripped on something I looked down and saw a iron in the middle of the sidewalk. It […]

Week 29

Once upon a time there was a hungry pink pig that was revolving in a circle and started to jump on concrete. You might be wandering how the poor pig got in this situation and if you don’t you are going to hear it anyway. The pig is cursed there it is I said it […]

Week 28

Hi I’m Nadia and I’m going to tell you a story about a boy named Yomi. Yomi is a boy who lived in a town that had a lot of earthquakes but he really had no problems. It is the present day and there was a big earthquake a lot of problems were happening. Yomi […]

Week 27

There once was a boy named Tim. Tim was orphan, he loved to play with little toys, like teddy bears but his favorite toy to play with was tiny little men. So here is the story about Tim and why his favorite toy is tiny men. Tim was three when he became a orphan it […]

Week 25

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ashton, he could talk to animals but one of his human friends didn’t believe him. That friends name is Timmy. One day Timmy slapped Ashton so hard he had a red mark on his face. Ashton started to cry “ I hate you” said Ashton “ […]

Week 24

I was running in the woods,I saw a creature hugging a tree. I looked in surprise. I cautiously stepped closer and closer until I was around the at the other side of the tree. I had to study the creature to find out what it was. And to my surprise it was big foot. He […]

Week 23

There was a gentle octopus playing a white piano. I was springing up with joy because I loved the music so much. You might be wondering how I got down into the ocean? Well, I’m a mermaid now and I can breathe under water. The piano got in to the ocean by this crazy super […]

Week 19

AND THE WINNER IS!……… And that’s when it went dark. All of the lights in the theater went out. Everyone started to scream but I didn’t know why. Then I herd a voice of a man. “And the winner is….. me”! The man said in a dark voice. Know I was starting to get scared. “Who […]

Week #18

I was walking around and I stumbled upon a key on the ground and it was weird because it looked exactly like the key to my house. I picked up the key and went to my house and I tried it and sure enough it was the same key. It was not the key that […]

Week 17

There was a beautiful waterfall, there was a yellow taxi floating around in the water, the driver excitedly jumped out of the taxi and heavily plopped in to the water, he was acting weird. I thought to myself “why is he so happy getting soaked with full clothes on”. Well then he saw me and […]