Week #5

One day my mom woke me up really early in the morning and yelled that we a going to a art museum. I was not that excited because some are really boring. I got ready and ate breakfast. We arrived at the museum and we went in. The one that caught my eye were these fluffy pink glasses with a ladder going up the side and it had a little guy going up it. I thought it was really weird just like me and that is why I liked it. Then we got do at the museum and went home.

One thought on “Week #5

  1. I like that you turned this week’s challenge into a personal recount. You provided details to engage your readers. I have two suggestions to improve your writing – firstly, try tighten your writing by eliminating redundant words eg ‘We arrived at the museum and we went in’, as by going into the museum you have indicated that you arrived at the museum; and secondly, edit (or ask a friend to help you) before you publish. Editing for punctuation and grammar, and meaning, will make it easier for readers to understand your text. 😊 🌻

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